2015 Super 8 CX Series: #4 – Ed Sander Memorial CX

Ed Sander Memorial CX

The Ed Sander Memorial CX is Race #4 of the @BikeReg Super 8 CX Series and weekend #5 of the cyclocross season, at least for me. The morning at Lilypons Water Gardens started out WAY soggier than any of us were expecting. The 4/5 Beginner field had the worst/best conditions of the day. So much fun killing ourselves out there in the mud, but I’ll talk more about this in #TheCXOff post for the day.

Also, apologies in advance for not writing a race recap, but I just want to get these shots up. As always, the shots are in the order that they’re taken as I move through the race and the day.

The 50mm Lens Challenge

It worked. Throughout the day I kept feeling that I wasn’t getting what I wanted. Technically, in comparison to the 18-200mm I wasn’t getting what I *thought* I wanted. Turns out I have no idea what I’m talking about. The 50 is so much crisper than the zoom and the DOF so much more dynamic that it overrides whatever you think you missed in the frame. I may do this for the remainder of the season—I like what I produced so much more than anything else I’ve done to this point.

Fact: Likes are very much appreciated but RTs and Shares powers the Boredom. Thanks for reading!

The @BikeReg Super 8 CX Series: #4 Ed Sander Memorial CX Photo Extravaganza

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