2015 Super 8 CX Series: #6 – Rockburn Cross

This was, by far, my favorite course. Just want to get that out there. I’ll explain more in my race recap.

In a cut-and-past scenario from last week, Rockburn Cross at Rockburn Branch Park gave us idyllic conditions voor racing CX all day. The #6 race in the BikeReg Super 8 CX Series started out in the low 30s, but warmed up throughout the day providing temps perfect for going into the red. As I stated above, Adventures for the Cure did a great job putting the course together, including as many different elements as possible.

The winter light was good all day, even during what’s generally the worst times to shoot. And yes, the 50mm challenge continues.

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The @BikeReg Super 8 CX Series: #6 Rockburn Cross Photo Extravaganza

rockburn-cx-1 rockburn-cx-2 rockburn-cx-3 rockburn-cx-4 rockburn-cx-5 rockburn-cx-6 rockburn-cx-7 rockburn-cx-8 rockburn-cx-9 rockburn-cx-10 rockburn-cx-12 rockburn-cx-11 rockburn-cx-13 rockburn-cx-14 rockburn-cx-15 rockburn-cx-16 rockburn-cx-17 rockburn-cx-18 rockburn-cx-19 rockburn-cx-20 rockburn-cx-21 rockburn-cx-22 rockburn-cx-23 rockburn-cx-24 rockburn-cx-25 rockburn-cx-26 rockburn-cx-27 rockburn-cx-28 rockburn-cx-29 rockburn-cx-30 rockburn-cx-31 rockburn-cx-32 rockburn-cx-33 rockburn-cx-34 rockburn-cx-35 rockburn-cx-36 rockburn-cx-38 rockburn-cx-37 rockburn-cx-39 rockburn-cx-40 rockburn-cx-41 rockburn-cx-42 rockburn-cx-43 rockburn-cx-44 rockburn-cx-45 rockburn-cx-46 rockburn-cx-47 rockburn-cx-48 rockburn-cx-49 rockburn-cx-50 rockburn-cx-51 rockburn-cx-52 rockburn-cx-53 rockburn-cx-54 rockburn-cx-55 rockburn-cx-56 rockburn-cx-57 rockburn-cx-58 rockburn-cx-59 rockburn-cx-60 rockburn-cx-61 rockburn-cx-62 rockburn-cx-63 rockburn-cx-64 rockburn-cx-65 rockburn-cx-66 rockburn-cx-67 rockburn-cx-68 rockburn-cx-69 rockburn-cx-70 rockburn-cx-71 rockburn-cx-72 rockburn-cx-73 rockburn-cx-74 rockburn-cx-75 rockburn-cx-76 rockburn-cx-77 rockburn-cx-78 rockburn-cx-79 rockburn-cx-80 rockburn-cx-81


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