2015 Super 8 CX Series: #7 – Apple Cross

Getting up at 4AM, driving 1 1/2 hours, and getting wet and muddy while blowing up your lungs in the cold morning air may or may not have an effect on your mind and body. [Hint: it does.]

I missed a crap load of races while sitting catatonic in my car reading updates on Twitter about the Sven/Wout battle at Koksijde. Once I got my shit together and lumbered back to the race proper I discovered I had no recollection of how to operate a digital single-lens reflex apparatus. So many shots were mistimed or out of focus. I managed to get a few, obviously, but it was a struggle.

It was great to see Weston Schrempf (SEAVS/Haymarket) back in MABRAland crushing it as usual, if only voor one race. It was also great to see Mattison Brady (District Velocity Racing) holding his own against Wes and grabbing 2nd in the end. Pat Blair (Adventures for the Cure) picked up a strong 3rd which always blows me away because he raced the single speed race just a little while earlier.

Apologies for not having anything concrete from the Women’s 1/2/3 race—that’s when I was trying to figure out photography again…

The @BikeReg Super 8 CX Series: #7 Apple Cross Photo Extravaganza

apple-cx-1 apple-cx-2 apple-cx-3 apple-cx-4 apple-cx-5 apple-cx-6 apple-cx-7 apple-cx-8 apple-cx-9 apple-cx-10 apple-cx-11 apple-cx-12 apple-cx-14 apple-cx-15 apple-cx-16 apple-cx-17 apple-cx-18 apple-cx-19 apple-cx-20 apple-cx-21 apple-cx-22 apple-cx-23 apple-cx-24 apple-cx-25 apple-cx-26 apple-cx-27 apple-cx-28 apple-cx-29 apple-cx-30 apple-cx-31 apple-cx-32 apple-cx-33 apple-cx-34 apple-cx-35 apple-cx-36 apple-cx-37 apple-cx-38 apple-cx-39 apple-cx-40 apple-cx-41 apple-cx-42 apple-cx-43 apple-cx-44 apple-cx-45 apple-cx-46 apple-cx-47 apple-cx-48 apple-cx-49 apple-cx-50 apple-cx-51 apple-cx-52 apple-cx-53 apple-cx-54 apple-cx-55 apple-cx-56 apple-cx-57 apple-cx-58 apple-cx-59 apple-cx-60 apple-cx-61 apple-cx-62 apple-cx-63 apple-cx-64 apple-cx-65 apple-cx-66 apple-cx-67 apple-cx-68 apple-cx-69 apple-cx-70 apple-cx-71 apple-cx-72 apple-cx-73 apple-cx-74 apple-cx-75 apple-cx-76 apple-cx-77 apple-cx-78 apple-cx-79 apple-cx-80 apple-cx-81 apple-cx-82 apple-cx-83 apple-cx-84 apple-cx-85 apple-cx-86 apple-cx-87 apple-cx-88 apple-cx-89 apple-cx-90 apple-cx-91 apple-cx-92 apple-cx-93 apple-cx-94 apple-cx-95 apple-cx-96 apple-cx-97 apple-cx-98 apple-cx-99 apple-cx-100 apple-cx-101 apple-cx-102 apple-cx-103 apple-cx-104 apple-cx-105 apple-cx-106 apple-cx-107 apple-cx-108 apple-cx-109


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