2015/2016 Cyclocross Album by @Cyclephotos

This has been woefully absent in my collection. For several years now, I’ve been meaning to purchase a copy of Balint Hamvas’ (AKA: @cyclephotos) year end cyclocross albums, but haven’t, because poorness. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, I am once again afflicted with the very same condition. However, I must acquire said 2015/2016 Cyclocross Album as it covers Sven Nys’ laatste ronde. #feels

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Kickstarter for the 2015/2016 Cyclocross Album by @Cyclephotos

Balint took a different, and perhaps, smarter direction to publishing his photo annual. If the Kickstarter goal is reached, then every book ordered has a predestined home. Seems better than printing a bunch and hoping you sell them all. However, if goal is *not* met, then NO BOOK VOOR US.

If this propaganda video doesn’t convince you to pledge some funds, nothing will.


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