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2016 BikeReg Super 8 Series: #2 – Schooley Mill Cross – Elite Men 1/2/3

Schooley Mill Cross – Elite Men 1/2/3

Interesting race to say the least. Jake Sitler (Van Dessel Factory Team) got out to an early and commanding lead over Greg Wittwer (Sweet Spot Cycling) but ended up flatting out midway through the race with no pit bike to go to. Lead change to Greg who, coincidentally, also had a commanding lead over the rest of the field. He did not relinquish said lead, winning by a minute over Pat Blair (Adventures for the Cure), who had an excellent race, patiently working his way through the field.

The race of the day was the quartet of Scott Meyers (Baltimore Bicycle Club/Team BBC), Tommy Steinebrunner (Lee & Associates Race Team), Lance Byrd (Adventures for the Cure), and Ezra Kahn (Baltimore Bicycle Club/Team BBC) who stuck together like controversy and Team SKY, only breaking up the barbershop group on de laatste ronde with Lance taking the “win” over Tommy, Scott, and Ezra in that order.

Tried some new things (recording sound separately while filming HFR slow motion) with mixed results. Also, got super fatigued after racing in the AM resulting in some mistakes (not stopping recording, then stopping when I thought I was starting), and camping out around the barriers because both me and #TheBug didn’t want to walk anymore. 😂 Still, think things worked out for some decent coverage on a beautiful day of cyclocross in Maryland.

And yes, Jake needs a pit bike.

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