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30 Seconds – A Cyclocross Love/Hate Story

Check Your Start Gear One Last Time

Full disclosure: this started as a quick promo video for a new t-shirt, then spiraled WILDLY out of control into what you see now. And what you see now is a full emersion into nostalgia especially as COVID has canceled a majority of our cyclocross seasons around the world.

30 SECONDS – A Cyclocross Love/Hate Story

As both a racer (crying_laughing.emoji) and a content creator I was able to provide a glimpse of both sides of the starting grid.

I tried to show what’s struck me most about lining up to start a race: the rollercoaster range of emotions and dynamic energy present as you gather at the start, getting called up to your grid position then mentally preparing for the pain you’re about to put yourself through. Lots of chatter gives way to dead silence just before the whistle, although, not all the time depending on the field (SSCX FTW).

I personally have a love-hate relationship with everything leading up to the whistle. I battle with ADHD and the anxiety that started at home with making sure everything was packed, to getting my number and pinning, prepping the bike, and sometimes and getting a pre-ride; the start grid is the culmination of all that. However, there’s something profound about the 1 minute and 30-second warnings – suddenly I snap into singular focus, and everything I experienced getting to this point disappears. 30 SECONDS is the exact moment that is the most serious, the most stressful, then instantly the most calm.

Only thing left to do is to go.

TECH NOTICE: Use headphones, if possible. Some of the background conversations get lost on regular speakers.



There Still Is A Shirt Tho

Finally, just to be clear, I AM selling a t-shirt. Conveniently, it’s called 30 SECONDS which is also the name of the video. No chicken or the egg here, this was all shirt first. This is a remix of the legendary punk band shirt from legendary punk band 7 Seconds from their legendary punk album “Walk Together, Rock Together”. I used to skate ALL the time to this album, so many good tracks. The shirt was done in all yellow on black with a cartoon line drawing of the band at a show. It wasn’t the original album cover art, but I think it was used in later editions (correct me if I’m wrong).

Check it out in the Shop: 30 SECONDS T-Shirt

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