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5 Years Old But It’s Brand New!

Cycleboredom | Gunnar Roadie Built

Friday bore witness to the final act of a ridiculous 5 year saga—Pinkey at Revolution built my Gunnar Roadie. Why is this ridiculous you ask? It’s ridiculous because I bought the frame 5 years ago. It’s also ridiculous because it’s built with parts that’ve seen their 8th birthday. Finally, this entire build is ridiculous because I only needed to buy a chain and some new tires. Everything else I had “in stock”, so to say.

Here’s rundown of components:

  • Bontrager carbon cranks
  • Bontrager xXx Light fork
  • Deda Black Stick post
  • Fizik Arionne saddle
  • 3t Less stem
  • Deda 215 bar
  • Bontrager Aero wheelset
  • Time RXS Titan pedals
  • Shimano Dura-Ace rear derailleur (from Giant)
  • Shimano 105 front derailleur
  • Shimano 105 Black shifters
  • Shimano 105 brakes

Not a bad bunch of parts. Especially since they were sitting in storage.


Cycleboredom | Bontrager Cranks

Cycleboredom | Time RXS Titan Pedals

Cycleboredom | Gunnar Made By Waterford In USA

Cycleboredom | Gunnar Is A Dog

Cycleboredom | Ready To Rock


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