The Adventure Dispatch by Specialized: Ty Hathaway

I’ve said it before, but there’s too much damn internet. Posted the trailer for Specialized’s Adventure Dispatch videos, missed this one, saw the one with Sarah Swallow thinking that was the first one, almost posted it as such, then dug a little deeper (because research), discovered it wasn’t, now posting this one with Ty Hathaway AKA : @tytanium.

And scene.

But seriously though, I can’t love this enough. Exploring your backyard, your neighborhood, has always been a fascination of mine. From the early adventures as a kid wandering the woods and the stream by my house (going far enough where if I did the same thing today, my parents would’ve been charged with child endangerment), to recent times—exploring the DC at night: riding among massive monuments, down the middle of famous avenues, along numbered/lettered streets, into the back alleys—places most simply ignore. And now to stringing together parks with trails and paths surrounded by the multi-million dollar homes of NoVA, I’ve always used a bike to discover what was in my immediate area.

“You think you’ve gone everywhere you can, but, it’s pretty mindblowing that not very many people take advantage of what they have right in their backyard.”


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