The Adventure Dispatch by Specialized: ULTRAROMANCE

UltraRomance (@UltraRomance) is the living embodiment of the literal translation of #nolifelikethis, because Poppi is one of a kind. The absurdity and awesomeness that is this cycling personality and this video of said cycling personality will, and has, rubbed many the wrong way. I read through a thread of people doing nothing but tearing him down, dissecting every word and phrase, ESPECIALLY the Matthew McConaughey shrine. Why is this negativity something people feel is a necessary part of their life? He clearly is enjoying himself—so whether it’s a performance art piece or that’s just how UltraRomance rolls (pun intended), why is your contribution to this a negative one?

Eh, enough ranting. Watch bike stuff, then go ride bikes.

Great piece by Bicycling Magazine on UltraRomance.


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