Back In The Saddle

Hello. This is going to summarize what I'm saying below. Hopefully it will be both witty and smart. Hopefully.

Alternate Title: Back From Injury

Let’s just throw this out there right now: I’m in the worst shape of my life. Period. Let’s also say that I’m coming back from a crippling injury. What was it you ask? Broken bones, concussion, or the worst case of road rash in the history of rashes? None of the above. I’m recovering from an injury to my free time.

saddleA combination of school and work killed my desire to battle sloth. I couldn’t even ride to work since there wasn’t any safe place to park it – regardless of the lock. That was the end of 2006, and that trend continued into 2007. There were a few instances where I might have gotten out for a few rides, but nothing like before. Jump to March of 2008 and my daughter was born! Best day of my life that also was the harbinger of doom to my fitness. I rode TWICE the entire year, for a total of 2 hours. Needless to say all this inactivity has brought upon a period of atrophy never before witness by man. All my muscle has been replaced by sweet, succulent fat. I’m bordering on being veal if I wasn’t so old and gamy.

Today I’ve finally found the will to start treating my body to excruciation by producing ammonium and lactic acid by the bucketfuls. Funny enough, this coincides with my decision to quit the job I had before and pursue the life of a freelance web and graphic designer. I no longer want to come home and lock myself in my office to shoot herds of German soldiers Call of Duty style.

So who cares? I have no idea. I just feel obligated to share my thoughts on this beautiful sport from a rider’s perspective, a fan’s view, and a former insider’s insight. This is the THIRD freaking time I’ve raised this site from the ashes. Not sure why it won’t die. Oh, that’s right – my ego! Welcome back to the peloton Cycleboredom.


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