Bike of the Week: Cannondale CAADX Disc Ultegra

While at least one of my feet are still firmly planted on the lawn I want all you disc-huggers to get off of, I recognize we are in the presence of a game changer.

Cannondale’s 2013 CAADX Disc Ultegra is a bad-ass looking machine that hits a unique parts for price point. At this point in the season, I’m not aware of anyone offering an Ultegra and disc equipped cross bike at the $2220 mark. Of course, that may change mid-season as we’re just getting underway, but at this point Cannondale’s on rare ground.

Bike of the Week: Cannondale CAADX Disc Ultegra

However, if anyone can pull it off, it’ll likely be Raleigh.

For more information and the CADDX’s specifications, visit Cannondale’s website.

Image credit: Cannondale


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