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  • Charm City Cross 2018 D1 - Elite Men
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    Charm City Cross 2018 D1 – Elite Men

    Extremely tight racing for a majority of the laps at #CharmCityCross with multiple lead changes. Kerry Werner and Matthieu Boulo managed to separate themselves on the last lap from a chasing Jamey Driscoll, Michael Van Den Ham, and Curtis White. Continued with the turn of the century music theme using some sweet drum & bass […] More

  • Charm City Cross 2018 D1 - Elite Women
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    Charm City Cross 2018 D1 – Elite Women

    THIS UCI C1 ELITE WOMEN PARTY WAS LIT!! Maghalie Rochette and Ellen Noble went toe to toe all race with the move of the day coming on the LAATSTE RONDE! ————— Miss the last episode? Check out the Barriers Skills Video! ————— SUBSCRIBE FOR UNLIMITED BOREDOM: SUPPORT BOREDOM 👉🏻   Web: […] More

  • DCCX: D2 Elite Men (2017)
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    DCCX: D2 Elite Men (2017)

    LAATSTE DCCX VIDEO!! Wait, I still have to do the vlog. ffs… Day 2 was Kerry Werner from the whistle as he pushed the pace until he got a substantial gap. If it wasn’t for the front flat midway through he probably would’ve had one of those Van der Poel gaps. Listen for my expert […] More

  • DCCX: D2 Elite Women (2017)
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    DCCX: D2 Elite Women (2017)

    Just like Doublemint Gum, you double your pleasure during DCCX race weekend. Day 2 for the Elite Women saw some similar faces at the front but played out much differently than just 24 hours before. Of course I looked away the exact moment where the initial gap was made between Carla Williams and Arley Kemmerer […] More

  • DCCX: D1 Elite Men (2017)
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    DCCX: D1 Elite Men (2017)

    The law offices of Werner, Clark, Cowie, and Lindine (not my joke) got off the front early and stayed that way for the entire race. Ultimately it came down to a strong attack by Kerry Werner at the start of the last lap, one he was able to make stick and take to the line […] More

  • DCCX: D1 Elite Women (2017)
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    DCCX: D1 Elite Women (2017)

    Hot and dusty pretty much sums up the entire weekend of racing, so let’s just get that out of the way and never talk about it again. Arley Kemmerer made it clear from the very beginning of the race she intended to push the pace and make it as hard as possible. The only two […] More

  • 2017 Charm City Cross D1 - UCI C1 Elite Women & Men

    2017 Charm City Cross D1 – UCI C1 Elite Women & Men

    Things that were hot and moist this past weekend: the weather, and the racing at Charm City Cross! It may not be the traditional CX weather we’re accustomed to in October here in the mid-Atlantic, but it’s still cyclocross and you race in the conditions provided when the whistle sounds. Tech Notes: I was *extremely* […] More

  • CRITRASE - AFCC Clarendon Cup 2017
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    CRITRASE – AFCC Clarendon Cup 2017

    Got there super late—only 36 or so laps left but managed to get some footage. Was kinda bummed to see the turnout was sparse but not surprised. I know a good deal of those participating enjoy the crit, but I still feel as though this can be so much more considering the location. Make it […] More

  • 2016 BikeReg Super 8 Series: #6 - Rockburn CX - Elite Men
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    2016 BikeReg Super 8 Series: #6 – Rockburn CX – Elite Men

    Rockburn CX – Elite Men – CRASHING’S SO HOT RIGHT NOW!! An untimely tangle with the tape just before LAATSTE RONDE almost brought Mattison Brady’s (District Velocity Racing) cyclocross house of cards crashing down. However, he managed to harness the powers of both calm and panic to catch Chris Beck (Joe’s Bike Shop) and claim […] More

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