Crafting a Grocery Getter Bike

The thing about being a bike fanatic is that you’re always looking for ways to create the next weapon in your arsenal. Whether it’s a completely new endeavor or repurposing an existing bike you can’t help but allow yourself to become engrossed in the minutiae of its combined parts.

That was the process for my last bike, the Gunnar. I originally was going to build it as the ultimate 700c commuter. Then I remembered that I originally originally purchased the frame for straight road use. Having always wanted  a classic steel road racing machine that decided it’s final outcome.

[pullquote right]”I’ve added a new-found love for cargo bikes and velo-utilitarianism to my already well-rounded bike lust.”[/pullquote]But that left a gaping hole in my quiver. I can’t get groceries on skinny wheeled 700c race machines now can I? Well, of course I can, but that’s not the point. I need something with trunk space. I need something to carry stuff from wherever it is that I might get some stuff. Mind you that this infatuation is fairly new for me. I’ve never wanted anything on my bikes; not even seatbags. But recently (probably since my trip to the PDX) I’ve added a new-found love for cargo bikes and velo-utilitarianism to my already well-rounded bike lust.

I’ve been staring at some absolutely gorgeous, full-on cargo bikes from Metrofiets and Joe Bike. But living in an apartment and the $3K+ price tags pretty much kill those dreams. So the next option naturally was an XtraCycle. I have a not-used-in-a-long-time GT Zaskar that was my first choice for the extension operation. Unfortunately, my leaving the job and the price of the equipment made that a decision for the near future. Plus, there’s a small (very small) chance that I might ride off-road again… But wait, I have a recently retired Bridgestone MB-4 that might do the trick! It’ll need some help, but with a nice rack system, some fenders, and a new rigid fork with tabs, this things will be a grocery gettin’ machine! As this project comes together I’ll make sure to post some updates. I’ll be adding images to Flickr, and notifying through Twitter if you need to indulge in some Boredom!

Guess I have to get some bags and panniers as well though…

Velo-Utilitarian Parts List

Minoura Gamoh Front Rack (my favorite part!)

Portland Design Works Payload Rear Rack

SKS Commuter Fenders 26″

Bontrager Satellite Trekking Bars

Wald #867 Cruiser Bar


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