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The CXOff: Jeremy Powers DC CX Camp D2

Jeremy Powers DC CX Camp D2

Day 2 of Jeremy Powers / Crosshairs Cycling / Fulcrum Coaching / JBV Coaching DC CX Camp was filled with more instructional awesome. We focused on turning for most of the day ending with stringing the individual parts together into a race scenario.

I wanted to keep the video much shorter but there was such an abundance of content from the day it felt like I was ripping its heart out. So, I kept it in and here we are with nearly 20 minutes of video. It’s important to recognize much of the coaching techniques shown are covered in the book, “Skills, Drills, and Bellyaches” by Bill Schieken (@CXHairs) and Dan Tille (@fulcrumcoaching), featuring Jeremy Powers.

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Shots of Boredom

Here in the DC metro region, we’re extremely fortunate to have a photographer as skilled and dedicated to covering the race scene as Bruce Buckley (: @bruce_buckley)  is. I’m always blown away by how professional he manages to make us look despite our desperate attempts to appear as amateur as possible. Here are a few shots he captured of me. I should mention “PRO” is how I always look so nothing new here, really.

The CXOff: Jeremy Powers DC CX Camp D2The CXOff: Jeremy Powers DC CX Camp D2 The CXOff: Jeremy Powers DC CX Camp D2 The CXOff: Jeremy Powers DC CX Camp D2 The CXOff: Jeremy Powers DC CX Camp D2



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