Cycleboredom Rebirths – I’ve Lost Count

This site has almost as many comebacks as Frank Vandenbroucke! Almost.

This blog/site/attempt at mediocrity has been my digital whipping-boy for years now. I first started with Blogger back in ’06. I eventually moved to WordPress a few years later but that was when I was suffering from my time-based “injury”. Within the past year the site’s database actually failed and the site eventually disappeared altogether. I still have the MySQL DB sitting on my server, but don’t really feel like trying to reconstruct everything.

HRM DataInterestingly enough, my original Blogger site is still running. All those posts are from 2006 and show a good bit of my riding from that time. I was posting my Polar HR monitor results for all to see. I have (my own opinion) a horrible VO2 rating so I’d never be able to race. But it’s nice to see that I was able to put in some good efforts later in the season. Well, at least until I started working for Apple. That killed it all. It was the hours, not the job. Don’t worry, it’s a great place to work. Just talk to someone else about it. 🙂 Once I get another USB IrDA device, I’ll be able to upload the rides again, but probably not those I’m doing now. They’re a little sad. Really.

So what does the CBD hold in store for the future? I got no clue. I don’t have enough time to monetize it like I once wanted. I’m not persistent enough to pursue my old contacts to get some insider info/products to test and write about. So I’ll probably just rant on things that annoy me from time to time. That seems to be what I’m about on teh netz these days. I’ll sprinkle some positivity on a posts at random. Don’t expect that crap to often though.

Less facetiously, I will definitely opinionate/review items I see or use. Since I’m a former insider (shop manager) peering in from the outside I want search out the alternatives to the gucci bling items without sacrificing quality. The upward price swing in cycling componentry and products began earlier this decade as the dollar began to fall to the euro. Combine that with today’s terrible economy and you really have to search for the right products if your a poor gear-head.


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