Dauphiné Libéré 2009 – Doping Wins Again

I really don’t have much to say about this race. I like it enough as a part of the ProTour, but this edition was ruined by Alejandro Valverde. CONI has announced that it has the evidence showing that he is the infamous “Bag 18” from the Operacion Puerto scandal. This just further insults riders like Cadel Evans who (we’re pretty sure) isn’t doping by taking the glory that rightly should be theirs to cleanly vie for.

dauphineracersOne of the stages I love is Mt. Ventoux but that was reduced to a ridiculous sham as AV “gifted” the stage by feigning a mechanical with his chain. Congratulations to Sylvester Szymd for the stage win and the podium thrill – well deserved for the work he did on the slopes.

Eh, whatever. They’re [dopers] slowing being rooted out of their EPO infested lairs one by one so hopefully one day we’ll be able to cheer without asterisks. Besides, all I have invested in this sport is my heart…

Hahahahaha! Sorry, that was fun to type.

Photograph courtesy of and Fotoreporter Sirotti.


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