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DCCX: D1 Elite Women (2017)

Hot and dusty pretty much sums up the entire weekend of racing, so let’s just get that out of the way and never talk about it again. Arley Kemmerer made it clear from the very beginning of the race she intended to push the pace and make it as hard as possible. The only two that stuck anywhere near her was Jennifer Malik and Allison Arensman. The trio came together for a couple laps before Arley got the gap she needed to take a commanding win with Malik and Arensman following her across the line.

Apologies for fanboying out on the video during and after the race, but it was too much fun out there not to cheer. Plus, it was so fuggin’ hot and dusty (shit, sorry…) and the ladies were turning themselves inside out in those conditions it would’ve been rude *not* to cheer.

No music again for a multitude of reasons but mostly because I love documenting all the sounds of cyclocross.




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