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DCCX: D2 Elite Women (2017)

Just like Doublemint Gum, you double your pleasure during DCCX race weekend. Day 2 for the Elite Women saw some similar faces at the front but played out much differently than just 24 hours before. Of course I looked away the exact moment where the initial gap was made between Carla Williams and Arley Kemmerer on the “W”. From there Carla managed to keep that gap to Arley, stretching it out to just over 40′ at the finish. Cassandra Maximenko put together the ride she was looking for this weekend crossing the line in third ahead of Allison Arensman. Our local Julies, Julie Hunter and Julie Kuliecza, put in monstrous rides finishing 12th and 13th!



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DCCX: D2 Elite Men (2017)