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“Raw, I’mma give it to ya, raw like cyclocross straight from the District!”

Yeah, that WuTang lyric doesn’t work at all but you get the point. DCCX—two solid days of freebasing pure, unrefined, cyclocross with the best people imaginable leaves you with the most intense #CXHANGOVER imaginable. You want to do it all again—to indulge in a much as possible, but you know your mind and body wouldn’t be able to take it. Instead, you carry that burning desire with you for the next 363 days until it’s time to toe the line again.

Let’s just say I managed to find a way to turn those two days into something more epic than usual. Started off with turning myself inside out as I tried to respond to the insane amount of cheering and heckles as I raced, then added 24,000+ steps on top of that fatigue while I ran around the course trying to do that new gimbal and the SICKKKWHATTT racing justice.

Then came 4 full edits in 3 days, which turned out pretty damn well, if I don’t say so myself. The vlog, however, was a more unmanageable beast to tame. First edit was nearly 50 minutes. Gutted I had to cut so much footage of everyone racing, but unlike photo albums, you can’t throw everything into videos and expect people to watch an hour me filming shit. I think this is a pretty damn accurate capture of how amazing our race scene is. Again, I kept it raw with no music track because I think the vibe is strong enough on its own. I think you’ll agree.

Thanks again to everyone who made a point to stop me and express their enjoyment of the videos I’ve been producing. It means everything to hear so many people are digging the content as well as some of you out there being inspired to race cyclocross for the first time.

Last, but certainly not least, THANK YOU TO TEAM BBC FOR LETTING THE BUG AND I CAMP OUT IN YOUR TENTS FOR TWO DAYS!! Your hospitality was appreciated immensely.

Those paying attention, yes, this is only D1. There is another vlog for D2 coming this week, albeit mercifully shorter.



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