Defining CX: The Chase

If you’ve ever watched Phil & Paul (keep reading after you roll your eyes) call road races, you’ll have heard one of them say ad nauseam, “the elastic is stretching”, or, “the elastic has broken”.

And, if you’ve ever raced your bike at least once, you’ll have found yourself in a position clinging to the rider’s wheel in front of you, trying to ignore the hateful vitriol your legs are spewing your way.

Finally, if you’ve ever been Patrick Blair (@pblair12) in the lead pair wearing the BikeReg Super 8 CX Series leaders jersey, you’ll have ordered your lungs to do unholy things, turning yourself inside out to stay with a ridiculously on form Greg Wittwer (@greg_wittwer) at Tacchino CX.

Pat and Greg stuck together for at least half the race until Greg’s repeated attacks finally distanced Pat. It was fantastic watching those two work their lines against each other and testing their kicks out of the turns and rises. I wish I had captured more of their battle but I was on the other side of the world in some field at the edge of the woods.

Because CX.


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