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DON’T STOP GET IT GET IT!! – Charm City CX S04/E05 – TheCXOff

First race back since BikeneticX last season in December 2017! Despite what is shown here, I did WAY better than I anticipated considering I hadn’t done an effort like this in nearly a year. Yes, I finished near the back of the field, but I definitely wasn’t last. I WILL TAKE THIS AS A POSITIVE RESULT. Also a positive were all your cheers—they definitely helped to dig deeper. It may not look like I was digging deeper, but trust me, there was digging.

New for S04 is the #EastonCycling and #WahooFitness Boredometer Screen Graphic of Suffering (working title). Did this to add some fun to the otherwise slow plodding that I call racing footage. It’s not to show how many watts I spray as I power through the course, it’s more of a sideshow of self-deprecation. Aside from the low wattage and inexplicably high BPM combo for most of it, there were some interesting numbers on that switchback off-camber on Team (Scream) Row.

For those wondering, the computer pop-up graphic is showing the 3-second average for the watts. It allowed for a longer display of the numbers to make sure I would get a clear screenshot.

For those still reading, there are two South Park references contained in the pages of this video! Can you find them?

For those who nerd out on video production, this is the GoPro Hero5 Black shot at 2K, 60fps, flat color, native white balance, and low sharpness, upscaled to 4K on a 29.97fps, 3840×2160 sequence, and exported at a constant bit rate of 40mbs. I’m STOKED on the outcome. You *really* have to search for the traditional artifacts GoPro causes.







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