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Essential ‘Grams: @lizkefotografie

Essential ‘Grams With @lizkefotografie

The university town of Tübungen in Southern Germany is where we’re heading for the next Essential ‘Grams. @lizkefotografie bikes, runs, and swims her way through a very cohesive feed aesthetic filled with all shades of blue. She’s also killing it on Instagram Stories as well. Always seems to be doing something interesting, and if she isn’t, she at least makes it look interesting with her use of type and editing. However, as beautiful as her cold, open-water swimming shots are, you couldn’t pay me enough to do that myself.

Okay, I lie—I’d do it for money, and for a lot less than you’d think. Regardless, it’s pretty bad ass.

@lizkefotografie Profile

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Liz, a 24-year-old hobby photographer and triathlete from South Germany. I was born and raised near the German Alps and am seeking to move back there one day – currently, I live in Tübingen where I’m studying sports science/sports management. There are few things in life that get me as excited as the mountains, snow and open-water swimming – even though I just generally belong outside and being outside makes me the happiest.


How or why do you use Instagram?

It’s still mostly a hobby even though it’s maybe rather “semi-professional” since I’m a brand ambassador for several brands and create content for them. But mostly Instagram is an outlet where I finally found a way to combine all of my passions: photography, swimming/cycling/running, the mountains, snow, traveling and being outside.

I also run Instagram accounts for some brands – so yeaaaah, maybe, after all, it’s more than a hobby. 😀

What do you shoot with?

That definitely depends on what’s the background of my ride:

  • When I ride (or run) all alone and I want to snap a shot of me: GoPro Session 5. I just set it on video mode, ride past it one or two times and then cut out a shot from the video in the GoPro app.
  • When I ride with friends but it’s a hard ride and I want to get some buttphotos [Ed: #foreverbuttphotos]: iPhone. That simple.
  • When I travel somewhere and have a scenic ride planned: Fuji X30. I just hang it over my back and then shoot on the go.
  • When I actually do create content for someone or shoot professionally: Canon 5D Mark II.


What’s your post-processing routine?

I edit most photos only on my phone (GoPro and Fuji have apps that I use to transfer the pictures to my phone). I mostly use the VSCO app (preferably some filters with blue-ish tones, mostly A5, A6, HB2, M5 I guess) and for some details also the Snapseed app. Travel shots and ‘professional’ pictures usually in Lightroom & Photoshop even though I might use VSCO on these as well before posting them on my Instagram – to keep the colours the same.


What’s your selection process for posting an image?

I am super annoying when it comes to selecting an image for posting it. I love that in the VSCO app you can “recreate” your Instagram feed so you see which pictures look good next to each other, if the colours are the same and if the lines of the pictures work with the other pictures (yes, I really give a fuck about lines). Sometimes I post pictures and then I noticed that they’re slightly uneven or the colour is slightly different than the colour in the previous picture and that sometimes annoys me so much I actually delete the shot. I focus on a lot of shit no one will ever notice, haha, but I got better in accepting the fact that no one except of me notices. 😉 I also post black and white pictures every now and then because I think they calm down the feed a little.



@hhaaggeenn (he had me at “not pro enough to miss a shot” but then he did #basemilesnowdown and now I’m forever stoked)
@ron.o_ (how can you not be stoked)
@larsschneidervisuals (maybe my most favorite outdoor photographer of all time)
@emilymaye (best sports photographer everrrr)
@evasynnestvedt (and her boyfriend @ebbehastng; they make me crave shitty danish weather – that says a lot.)


Social Linx

Instagram: @lizkefotografie (only, currently) 😉


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