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Essential ‘Grams: @rodpedals

Essential ‘Grams with @rodpedals

@rodpedals first caught my attention not through the #outsideisfree or #roadslikethese porn pics that I typically can’t get enough of, but through a unique take on the #kitgrid (@kitgrid). It was just a little twist on the traditional flat lay—he rotated approximately 45º, laid the #kitdoping assortment on a well-lit hardwood floor, and nearly always including the fronds of a houseplant. The posts are always on point with the color matching and are continually fresh and fun to look at.

Once you dig a bit into his feed, you’re instantly met with a full-on assault of the pure stoke for cycling. Lots of GoPro wide-angle shots from an array of angles with his favorite being #lifebehindbars, blazing down a beautiful stretch of road in and around London (Richmond Park gets plenty of love).


@rodpedals Profile

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Filipino by birth, Australian and British by pride (it’s complicated, LOL). Moved from Sydney, Australia to London, UK about 10 years ago and that’s where my love for cycling began.

Cycling provides me the freedom to clear my thoughts and enjoy mother nature. I venture out alone quite often. I am entangled in my love affair with solitude. As the saying goes, “I’m not anti-social, I’m pro-solitude”.

I use my love for photography to document and use Instagram as the platform to share my experiences, thoughts, and vibe—be it solitude thru #lifebehindbars and my various #sockdoping and #kitgrid posts. I’ve fallen in love with chasing the pro peloton and have done Tour de France twice and this year, focusing on the spring classics and Giro d’Italia.

An ambassador for Cane Creek (@canecreekusa), Pedal Mafia (@pedalmafia), Nove Bikes (@novebikes) and RR Threads (@RRThreads). A believer in collaborations, not taking things too seriously, laughs, and good vibes only (life’s to short not to)!


How or why do you use Instagram?

First and foremost, to share my personal experiences and adventures. I’m not just a producer, but also a consumer on Instagram. I find inspiration thru everyone’s journey, posts, photos, and stories. This helps me develop and drive my own cycling goals and try out new ways to document my experience.

I’ve also met many friends thru Instagram globally and some, I’ve cycled with, shared a story or two and park up for coffee (plus cake!). It gives me the platform to meet like-minded individuals who share similar passions in cycling and everything else around it.


What do you shoot with?

My pride and joy is my Canon 1DX. Her name is “Big Betty”. She is accompanied by a 50mm F1.2L and a 16-35 F2.8L II which I shoot with during cycling events like the Tour De France. I’m starting to learn how to shoot with my Sony RX100 MK V on the bike. I don’t know how other people do it! But on the bike, I primarily shoot with my GoPro 4, but have since upgraded to a GoPro 6.


What’s your post-processing routine?

I shoot RAW with my 1DX and RX100. I edit in Lightroom but sometimes also use Photoshop or Illustrator. When time is scarce, I go direct to my phone from the RX100, primarily for my #sockdoping and #kitgrid posts. With my GoPro, I go straight to phone. For post/edits on the go and on the phone, I use VSCO or Instagram (manual edit). I use various collage/grid based apps for Stories to freshen it up a bit.


What’s your selection process for posting an image?

Sometimes we can overthink and overwork what we post. At the end of the day, I share and post what I am feeling at the time. I have a camera with me every time I ride cause you never know where your ride will take you (from location, to experiences, and feelings during the ride). So I try and capture that moment and post my thoughts, experiences, and feelings together with the imagery that best fits.



@nickarend (there since day 1, can take photos, much respect)
@beardmcbeardy (my pro peloton inspo)
@mach_bar (fellow #sockdoping connoisseur)
@hugo_retif (Attaquer! Nuff said)
@tristantakephoto (spirit animal, moves to Girona, lives the life)
@gokhankutluer (style master, never looks shit on or off the bike, LOL)


Social Linx

Instagram: @rodpedals

Web: (my upcoming new blog site to document adventures, pro peloton events, and reviews)


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