Gonna be quick with this one. Pre-order ends tomorrow (1/22/17). Angry Bovine has produced kit 🔥before and this one’s no different. Really digging the railroad denim stripes—reminds me of the hat my dad would wear when I was a kid (no, he wasn’t a conductor).

AB: “I’ve always tried to approach the use of pattern, just as a tailor would. Imagining all patterns and textures as if they rolled off a bolt of fabric, I’m excited by the dynamic of where seams meet and shift based on sizes and cut, you can’t predict how it will all line up exactly, so you can only plan for it. I personally enjoy that part of kit design, the parts you can’t control. When it shows up it’s often really more interesting or unexpected than I imagined.

So…this year I was inspired by work wear, railroad denim, stripes, canvas duck…think of it as Cool Hand Luke meets a Johnny Cash song. The result is something oddly proper and redneck at the same time. Outwork them all in this kit this year”

For all the details, pricing, and gateway to procuring above kit, hit the Angry Bovine Guest Artist page on Panache Cyclewear.

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