Essential Kits: MAAP x Ella Cycling Tips

Essential Kits: MAAP x Ella Cycling Tips

1) If you’re not familiar with Ella Cycling Tips, get familiar.

2) If you’re not familiar with MAAP, you’re hopeless.

MAAP and Cycling Tips have collaborated before on a kit, and I have to say, it’s one of my favorite designs I’ve seen in a long time. Their latest collaboration is one for the ladies. Ella (Spanish/Italian for ‘she’) Cycling Tips is the sister site to the well known Cycling Tips site based out of Australia.

The MAAP X Ella Cycling Tips Ella Jersey ($133USD) “uses the same fabric combination as our men’s jersey. We have tailored the fit to be women’s specific, but kept signature details like the longer sleeve and race oriented fit.”

The MAAP x Ella Cycling Tips Ella Bib Short ($198USD) is “a premium women’s cycling bib short that is super comfortable, flattering and carries all of the race oriented performance from our existing Men’s style. The bib braces are shaped to sit on the outside of the bust. Our fit is true to size.”

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