Essential Kits: Squid Separates Collection

Yes, pre-sale is over, but I was pissed I wasn’t faster in getting a post up for that so I’m not missing out this time. Emily Kachoreck (: @eekachorek) of Squid Bikes and #rattlecan paintjobs has applied her DO IT YOUR FUCKING SELF (DIYFS) ethos to cycling clothing line. Squid Separates Collection by Eliel Cycling throws a plethora of patterns and colors at you giving you the choice to mix and match as you damn well please.

What’s pretty damn awesome about the collection is the emphasis is on the bibs. The outlandish patterns and seldom used colors work well against the more basic jerseys. Yeah, there’s black bibs and a couple black jerseys, but that’s playing it way too safe. So many great combos await anyone but the hopelessly mundane.

The Squid Separates Bibshorts are ($189.95USD) and the Jerseys are ($129.95USD). Both are available in all styles for men and women.

HOWEVER, these are in limited stock, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.


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