Lazer recently sent me one of their latest commuter focused urban helmets, the Sweet ($100USD). Like many of the urban helmet designs on the market, it comes replete with the requisite “love it or hate it” aesthetics. I, of course, had to take it a few steps further. When asked what colorway I would prefer, I, of course, chose the Flash Orange cornea punch. Let’s just say people look at this helmet. A lot. I’d go so far as to say it’s unequivocally #visibilitydoping.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

I’ve been riding it for the past couple of months this winter and it’s worked well. It handles head covers with ease. Next test is the heat and humidity of  #BikeDC.

First Look: Lazer Sweet - Front


First Look: Lazer Sweet - Top


First Look: Lazer Sweet - Graphic Details


First Look: Lazer Sweet - Side


First Look: Lazer Sweet - Rear


First Look: Lazer Sweet - RollSys


First Look: Lazer Sweet - Inside

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  • FourQ

    Why do designers of “commuter” helmets hate ventilation?

    • Cycleboredom

      I’m sure it has something to do with the construction because of the style. I want to follow up on it.

  • Rock Star

    This helmet is terrible.

    • Cycleboredom

      Are you providing some valuable insight from your own extensive use? Or, is this something else? Please elucidate.

  • Looks like an aero helmet. Lol

    • Cycleboredom

      You’re not wrong. I’ve shaved 10 minutes off a 30 minute commute. If my commute was 10 minutes, I’d essentially be teleporting.