When the first Belgian Country Jersey was released, I had only recently discovered the brand. Once I finally pulled the trigger on one of Rapha’s jerseys, the Flandrian tricolore was no longer an option. Tragically (yes tragically), each time I encountered the colors, whether on the net or in person, I would cringe due to the unbearable longing I’d suffer.

Yeah, I know it’s just a thing. But those colors are saturated with decades of cycling history and emotion. So when Rapha re-released the colorway, albeit in a different form and placement, I found myself once again longing.

Melodramatics aside, I consider myself lucky Rapha decided to send one my way. Here’s my first look.

The Rapha Long Sleeve Country Jersey

1/4 zip and merino-rich, the Long Sleeve Country Jersey is a layerable addition to your winter wardrobe. The weight is definitely heavier than the summer version, but not as robust as their Winter Jersey.

Not satisfied with simply regurgitating copy, I dug a bit deeper to discover the true genesis of this piece. Crafted from the sweat-stained jerseys of Flandrian champions past and cobble-washed for true Euro flavor, the RLSCJ is your ticket to Classics greatness and a lifetime supply of Dirk Hofman Motorhomes.

Cycleboredom | First Look: The Rapha Long Sleeve Country Jersey - Folded

As usual, there are details. Also notice the angled cut of the cuff. Perfect for dipping frites in mayonaise (or the ketchup you smuggled into the country) without soiling your blues.

Cycleboredom | Cycleboredom | First Look: The Rapha Long Sleeve Country Jersey - Details

The traditional Rapha rear pocket also receives a Flandrian splash. Storage is ample for the longer training rides of dark days of winter.

Cycleboredom | First Look: The Rapha Long Sleeve Country Jersey - Rear Pocket

Color coordinated even in the hidden areas. Always thoughtful appointments. Mrs. Boredom herself remarked at the simple beauty of the yellow stripe within the gripper band. Mrs. B gets it.

Cycleboredom | First Look: The Rapha Long Sleeve Country Jersey - Toggle

Can’t wait for the final days of short sleeve weather to give way to the need for full coverage. Expect a full review in the coming months.

  • SR

    Looks like I HAVE to have that. The question is can it fit the budget and get the nod from Mrs. R?
    How did you sell it to Mrs. B?

    • That’ll be a tough sell. I’m extremely fortunate to receive some Rapha samples from time to time. As for the many products I’ve purchased from them, I always “sold” them to Mrs. B as a dire need. 😉

  • velomonkey

    OK, as with all things Rapha I am intrigued, but a full sleeve jersey that is only quater top zip – come on, on that alone you have to deck them serious points. Rapha will come out with a full zip as all long sleeve jerseys should be.

    Still, it’s nice.

    • Part of me agrees, and another disagrees. From an aesthetic point of view I see why they did a 1/4 zip—it would break the continuity of that fabulous flag strip. Also, it’s similar in construction to the Club Jersey with the horizontal sections. A full-zip might be nice, but seeing as that’s already available in the Winter Jersey, the Long Sleeve Jersey, and the Long Sleeve Pro Team jersey, it probably won’t happen. And yes, it’s nice. 😉

  • I recently scooped up a baby blue winter cap on ebay that Rapha no longer produces.. so I guess now i’m going to have to get the jersey to go with it.

    • Cycleboredom


  • Hi Chris,
    I am thinking of buying this one as well, even it is hell expensive for me. I was wondering wether you have got already some experiance with this jersey or not. I will use it in dry weather with temperature between 8-16C for 2-3hrs rides with lower intensity. I was also thinking of their cross country jersey but I quess it is too thin for autumn/spring not so intensive rides.

    Thankx in advance for your personal experience.


    • Cycleboredom

      Hey Vaclav – From the few rides I’ve done with this jersey I can tell you it’s pretty versatile. However, at least for me, I’d have to layer it with a windproof base layer, and some extras when using it at 8˚C. The older I’ve gotten, the less I like the cold. I’d say 10˚C is as far down as I’d go. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by.