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Giro Microdose: OORAN OORAN!!

#MarginalLosses vs #PowerMullet

Rigoberto Uran grabbed today’s stage by the Giros and punished the field. Wiggo lost some time but not *enough* time as he sits in 4th voor GC, a single second behind his victorious Colombian teammate.

Giro Microdose: OORAN OORAN!! - Uran Wins In Front of Cookie Sack
Source: Steephill/Sirotti

It should be noted this is how I envision myself every time I tweet—a ridiculously talented Colombian climber clawing his way up the mountainside to the adoration of the tifosi (that’s you).

Giro Microdose: OORAN OORAN!! - Uran Soaking It In
Source: Cyclowired/Riccardo Scanferia

Caption (translated): “Rigoberuto uranium to run up a primary mountain Appiano Alto del Montajio the audience was packed (Colombia, Sky Pro Cycling)”

Is it me or is Betancur and Pozzy’s climbing steelo giving the AG2R poo-butt kit a refresh?

Giro Microdose: OORAN OORAN!! - Pozzy Puttin' in Work
Source: Cyclowired/Kei Tsuji

Caption (translated): “Domenico Pozzo Vivo to attack in one class mountain Appiano Alto del Montajio (Italy, uh Jay Doo diesel)”

Also, this…

Cadel climbs like he’s about to tear himself apart or turn himself inside out. I also imagine this is how he opens stuck jars of Vegemite for Chiara.

Giro Microdose: OORAN OORAN!! - Cadel Inside Out
Source: Steephill/Sirotti


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