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Grinta Stuffed Giro Shirts Of Boredom

Grinta stuffed Giro pink

Made with only the finest freshly imported free-range Italian grinta harvested from the unsurfaced Strade Bianche, the Giro Shirts of Boredom are second only to sheathing yourself in the glory of the sacred Pink.

Italian Flag of Boredom shirt

A necessary addition to the Shirt Bodega, the contours of Italy’s borders famously form the shape of boot. However, when the tricolore is added to its interior, it suddenly resembles produce with a leafy green top. Not my fault.

Cycleboredom | Italian Flag Of Boredom

Like it? Make it yours: US Store / UK Store

Italian E-Flag shirt

Much like its predecessor, there’s a flag in place of the “E”. If you like Italy, or Italian stuff, or riding piano for 3/4 of a stage before going ballistic, then this shirt is for you.

Cycleboredom | Italian E-Flag Shirt

Like it? Make it yours: US Store / UK Store

Original logo Italian Boredom remix shirt

Favorite wearer of the Italian tricolore has to be Andrea Tafi. Blazing across the pavé with his biretta clipped at the top, Tafi exuded the hardened grinta of a legendary Classics campaigner. But that has nothing to do with the Giro.

Cycleboredom | Italian Boredom Remix Shirt

Like it? Make it yours: US Store / UK Store

That ain’t it!

As if this wasn’t enough, I’ll be releasing several more fan-effing-stastic designs to shank your midsection and steal your lunchmoney. I’m sure I’ll think of some Tweet-tastic manner of release

Cycleboredom Shirt Bodega details

I use the service Spreadshirt (Euro) to print and distribute my shirt designs. This isn’t my favorite solution to getting my designs out there, but it’s the best at the moment. “I’m able to design, upload, and begin selling within hours of  the shirt’s impetus for creation.”I don’t have the room or resources (mainly money) to print these myself. Also, I don’t want to be limited to only a few designs. I like being able to react quickly to the craziness of cycling. With Spreadshirt I’m able to design, upload, and begin selling within hours of  the shirt’s impetus for creation. Additionally, I make almost zero money from selling these shirts. Since I don’t want to sacrifice on the quality of the shirt, there’s no room for a substantial commission if I want to keep the prices down.

Why two different stores?, amazingly enough, only ships within the States. So in order to make the shirts available to the UK and Europe, I needed to create another store on their sister (brother?) site I’m looking into alternatives to streamline this process since this is needlessly confusing.


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