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Grocery Getter Vélo Part Deux: Franken-porteur!

Finally! All (read: most) parts are ready and installation may commence. I set up a time with the venerable Santiago “Pinkey” Gonzalez of Revolution Cycles fame to assist (read: do it all) in the build. Aside from the usual grumblings Pinks emits while discovering all the hidden little build bombs I had for him (bent chainring, 9spd shifters with 8spd cassette, attaching rear rack before installing new brakes, no star nut for the headset, and the best of all – 1 1/8″ stem on a 1″ steerer with adapters and the need for a ****load of spacers!), the build went well. I still need to figure out the grip, shifter, brake issue. There’s not enough space for my ODI Lockjaws grips, and technically there’s not enough room for the brakes on the cruiser bars either, but that will have to wait. One solution is a bar-end brake lever system, but I’m trying to recycle mostly old parts before dipping into the pool of shiny newness.

The ride home was sweet regardless of not having grips. There’s something incredibly carefree about cruising around on a bike with a front basket and cruiser style handlebars. Speaking of the front basket, the Minoura King Carrier (Gamoh) is a beast! Definitely looks like it could handle more than the 40lbs it’s rated for. Love the wood appointments (sounds like the interior of a BMW), but I’ll probably have to have them sealed. And speaking of sealed, the PDW’s bamboo deck is both sealed and sexy.

Now I’m looking for reasons to get out and grab some groceries. The carfree propaganda is working. Last bits to work on are picking up some grips, some new tires (Tioga City Slickers from early last decade are slightly dry rotted), and some grocery panniers. I’d love a new saddle, but considering I have over 10+ of them sitting around the house I think I’ll make due. For those interested, I’ll keep you updated on my French escapades of grocery procurement as they happen.

The Franken-porteur on Flickr


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