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Half GGCSO Is Better Than No GGCSO – #TheRide (7/4/17)

In this episode, I ride my bike and get tired. This is in no way similar to every previous video I’ve posted, except the bike riding and the getting tired, because IT ME.

The Gravel Grind Chip Seal Ordeal (GGCSO) takes place in The North, just south of The Wall (Mason/Dixon Line). Yes, I realize that makes no sense but Harford County, MD is 100% north of VA despite it being “The South” once upon a time. Although, the proliferation of the Stars & Bars suggests otherwise, but I digress.

The GGCSO is a 30 mile ride with just about 3,000 feet of climbing, on never-ending rolling hills with mixed surfaces of gravel and chip-seal (also shitty pavement). There are climbs with percentages of 15% and averaging 6% throughout. There is no rest. It’s been a while since I’ve completed the entire route because I let myself get fat and slow. Hopefully, I’ll have gained enough form before CX season to have knocked out at least one of these. Lots of work.

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Music: By The Sea – Dyalla



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