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Halfway To #30DaysofBiking


As I sit here in a pharmacological haze due to a MASSIVE attack of Streptococcus, I’m finding it difficult to recall anything from my past 15 days. Luckily I’ve been stalking myself with a camera and posting the lurid shots for the world to gaze upon and judge.

After viewing my personal paparazzi shots, I’ve concluded a few things:

I’ve already written how stupendous the #30DaysofBiking phenomenon is, and if you haven’t already read it, that’s what the obnoxiously long hyperlink is for. Even if you’re not participating in the challenge, I highly recommend trying to insert some extra bike into your life. Just pick something you normally do by car, and try it by bike. You’re not going to regret it.

If you’re already rocking through your own 30, how’s it going?


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