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Happy Hunting with Deux North

I’m enjoying this.

I enjoy breaking the mold and looking at things differently. I also enjoy seeing others do so as well.

James (@jamesnord) and Dylan Nord (@dylannord) are doing something different, and it is odd. Why is it odd? They’re doing it within the realm of cycling. As much as we think it changes, for better or worse, cycling is mired in tradition. It is so inextricably tied to said tradition that an exhaustive list exists. Regardless of whether or not you take The Rules seriously or not, those rules have existed for years. Velominati simply curated them. Okay, Velominati curated them really, really well.

 Even beyond the rules of conduct and appearance, the cycling industry itself is bound by an unknown force of anti-change. Anything straying from norm is mistrusted, and ultimately condemned into obscurity.

So yeah, Deux North is something different, and it is odd—beautifully odd.

Here it is in their semi-cryptic description:

Do you remember, as a kid, the first time you went really fast on your bike, and it felt like you were flying, or the first time you got both wheels off the ground, and how you could feel, almost hear, your heart beating. It was like the first time you held her hand, or ran away from home and got lost.

Now, do you remember the last time you drove by a lake and wondered if there was a rope swing but never stopped, or the last time you looked at a smooth stone and imagined throwing it across the water but finished your conversation instead. When was the last time you considered a tree based on climb-ability? Ran across the grass barefoot, or decided to be a robber instead of a cop? Well, no one wants to be a cop anyways.

Let’s pretend again, and play a prank; we’ll defend a fort, or draw a map to plan an escape. All we have to do is take off our shoes and jump in, or walk outside and find an adventure.

Deux North is a story of unabashed childish freedom and thrill. This is about the past, happening now. Friendship, adventure, and experience are your characters in a story about city life told amongst nature, and the last one there is a rotten egg.

The story begins with the Summer Hunt Series, ten trips north, to the high peaks of the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains in New York City’s backyard. We invite everyone to follow along in realtime on Twitter & Instagram @DeuxNorth, and #Hunt1. The complete story will be told through film, word, and image on in late july.

Make sure you check out (@Cycleangelo’s) post on #Hunt1 from earlier this month. Lovely chronicle of the events of #Hunt1. Angelo’s Instagramming (@angelocalilap) the rides as well—so make sure you’re following him if you’re a cycling IGer. James and Dylan are IGers as well, using their respective Twitter handles.


Twitter: @DeuxNorth & #Hunt1
Instagram: @DeuxNorth


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