Help Dori Fight Back Again!

I have no words. Just trying to help where I can in this industry. I’ll post Tyler’s words:

@talltyler: This is Dori, my little sister. She’s about to undergo a stem cell transplant to treat her Non-Hodgkins Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. It’s gonna suck. On top of sucking, even with insurance, there’s plenty of medical costs that don’t get covered, like new deductibles/co-pays/in-patient treatment bills, etc. Dori is awesome, and you would love her if you knew her. We made some cycling caps for friends that want to help her out, donate some 💰, and show some support for her during this stretch of life. If you want in on the action, visit the link in my profile, click “donate now” and tag #teamdori2016 so we know to send you a cap. Give what you can, your generosity is appreciated more than you know, and if you can help spread the word, merci beaucoup! #capsnothats #luft #cyclinglife #cancersucks #lymphoma #lymphomaawareness

Dori’s YouCaring Link:


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