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In Front of Behind the Barriers

Yes, this is a gratuitous, “me too” posting of Jeremy Powers’ fantastic series—Behind The Barriers. But it should be noted that it’s not just a gratuitous repimp in a desperate grab for hits. I’m also going to discuss my feelings.

If you haven’t seen J-Pow’s cyclocross flavored video series yet, then recognize and realize you live a sad insular life. ‘Cuz it’s like a hit from a sunshine filled crack pipe—quick and addictive, but w/out the whole front teeth loss thing. During these dark times as the UCI Overlord presides over our beloved sport like Sauron over Middle Earth, it’s seeds like these where we glean the raw unrefined joy of cycling in the competitive realm. Jeremy Powers truly hearts bike racing. He loves each facet, be it positive or negative, and shares it with us in small poignant doses.

What I find truly refreshing (no snark), is that he lets it all hang out. Sometimes awkward (freestyle rapping), but mostly brilliant (racing, giving interviews, etc.), “… it’s like a hit from a sunshine filled crack pipe—quick and addictive, but w/out the whole front teeth loss thing. “you get a rough-cut version of what goes into Jeremy’s life as a pro cyclocross racer. For season two, even though his racing started slowly as he wasn’t finishing to his liking, he wasn’t afraid to show how it affected him. The ending of E3 felt more like The Empire Strikes Back than a candid CX documentary. In E4, after crossing the line 2nd at GP Gloucester you could definitely sense how much Powers wanted this win as the camera followed him while he rolled silent in his thoughts.

E4’s highlight, though, is the final bit with CX superstar Ted King. I heard a bit of the “poser in the Liquigas kit” story on Twitter, but it was hilarious to see those two tell it.

The next installment of BTB should be exciting as J-Pow finished a fantastic 10th at the Plzen Cross World Cup.

While the majority of us may be jaded by the endless deluge of “behind the scenes” or “real life” shows these days, cycling fans don’t get much like what Behind The Barriers offers. The last one who did give us an exclusive, all-access, behind the scenes series turned out to be less than what we thought. Or more directly, it turned out to be a highly polished yellow turd.

And with that, I present:



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