Interbike Microdose: HiFi Wheels, Spray.Bike Paint, Squid Bikes, REN Cycles, VYNL Bikes

There was so much going on at the HiFi booth. No way to get everything. Got the lowdown on their wheelsets, a brief intro on Spray.Bike paints, and a little bit on the bikes.

It’s precisely this type of small, DIYFS (thanks Squid), brand ethos that excites me the most and keeps me interested in the bike industry. I have some footage of the booth bikes but cut them for a separate video. This one is long enough!

And yes, the audio is jacked. Looking more like lav mics are the way to go but that’s opening up a can of inconvenience no one wants.

The Booth, As Represented by a List of Instagram Usernames



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