It’s On And Poppin’! – TDF 2009

Cycleboredom: TDF Stage 1So I’m sitting here eating Goya Maria cookies with Nutella spread on them thinking about the stage I didn’t see. Obviously that means I’m FULLY qualified to write a blog post about Stage 1 right? Doesn’t stop anyone else…

Everyone slotted in where we all thought they would before the stage started. Cancellera p0wnd Menchov which is hilarious to conceive. A recent grand tour GC overall as well as final time trial winner getting his tour handed to him on the first day. Guessing that Denis couldn’t find another centrifuge in time! (jokes people, just jokes.) Astana Vinokourov’s Baby showed that they’re the strongest team on the earth in any sport. Proof positive is Klodi posterizing Kobe on a pickup game post stage still wearing his TT helmet and kit. Kobe was overheard later bitching that Klodi’s TT helmet gave him an unfair flight advantage. Whatevs Kobe, your ringz is wearing you down.

I haven’t found, nor have I been looking especially hard, any articles wonder why Lance isn’t winning the Tour. Maybe the American public is finally getting it that the Tour de France actually takes place over a period of several weeks. Or they don’t care. One of the two.

Anyway, it’s started and I’m excited. Let’s see if Astana can keep it together long enough to take all 3 podium spots. Or will they split into two seperate teams on the road to Paris?


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Le Tour De Tweet – TDF 2009