Kit of the Week: Sabotage Cycling Theory

I know I’ve said my love for crazy, outlandish, color-vomit kits has waned substantially, and, well, that still holds true today. That being said, none of those above descriptors can be applied to the kits Sabotage Cycling produce.

I’ve been a fan of Sabotage Cycling’s kitwerk (nieuwe existing word, different usage) since they first popped up in my IG feed a few years ago. Yes, it’s hyper-colorful, but it’s well designed, tasteful, and it all sits on a delicious bed of navy which makes it 🔥🔥🔥!

Sabotage Cycling Theory Kit

The Sabotage Cycling Theory Kit (Jersey: $80USD / Bibs: $110USD pre-order price) is available voor both mannen en vrouwen. Pre-order ends this week (as of posting), so GET ON IT!!


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