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This Is The Laatste 2016 Cross Vegas Video, Maybe

Yeah, Another Cross Vegas Video, but This One’s in Slow Motion

For not touching this one for a couple months I’m sure beating the living shit out of it now.

Been dying to do a slow motion version of these race videos for forever. Think this turned out pretty decent. Crazy how when you slow these riders down it becomes visually poetic. Their technique is spot on and when shown at 20/30% speed, 119 frames per second magnifies that immensely. Also, at this speed, it’s clear that they’re all destroying themselves. You see the look on Wout van Aert and Jeremy Powers’ faces when they exit the sand and know they’re deeeeep in the cave.

If you haven’t already seen it, make sure to check out the “real time” Cross Vegas video.



crossvegas-curtis-mood crossvegas-wout-sand-42 crossvegas-anthony-42 crossvegas-stairs-42 crossvegas-wout-hop-42


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