Living That Best #Dadlife x #Bikelife – Gift Ideas

I’m typically not a gift guide type when it comes to this site. Mostly because I feel disingenuous when I’m recommending things I’ve never tried or from companies I don’t have any experience with.

However, at least one thing on this list, that popped up in my inbox, I’ve used and there’s a couple I’ve been interested in. Also, one reminds me of my “formative” years of the late 80s early 90s. So, here’s some Father’s Day ideas for that #Dadlife x #Bikelife collab.

Adidas Jaysor Sunglasses

Been testing a couple pairs of the latest from Adidas Sport Eyewear and they’ve been on point. The Jaysor Sunglasses ($139USD) have that modern classic steez dialed.

Living That Best #Dadlife x #Bikelife - Gift Ideas

Parker Dusseau Organic Linen/Cotton Work Shirt

This shirt looks like what the manifestation of a cool breeze on a hot summer day would look like in garment format. This is what I envision myself wearing when I’m leading an adult #bikelife. Not what I was doing last Sunday when I ended up in a muddy puddle. 😂

The Parker Dusseau Japanese Organic Linen/Cotton Work Shirt ($148USD) is “perfect for summertime travel, this light, dry and airy shirt will keep you cool during the hot months ahead. The open weave of the fabric allows for circulation, while the action back provides a slim fit that still allows for mobility. Moisture absorbent linen keeps you dry with the cotton providing a structure typically not found in an all linen shirt.”

Living That Best #Dadlife x #Bikelife - Gift Ideas

Solo Weekender Backpack/Duffel

The Solo Weekender Backpack/Duffel ($59USD) just looks damn useful. It should be noted I’m addicted to bags. So, there’s that.

Ridgemont Outfitters Monty Hi

This reminds me of the Nike ACG hiking boots I wore for forever back when I attended many a Grateful Dead musical gathering festival. It was also the shoe of choice for my early MTB excursions before I purchased the Shimano 737s and accompanying Shimano shoes. This is probably not the lead Ridgemont was thinking of, but it’s the lead they got (lede?).

The Ridgemont Outfitters Monty Hi ($99USD) is their “signature sneakerboot hybrid. Offers the perfect versatility to be the outdoorsman’s everyday shoe.”

Living That Best #Dadlife x #Bikelife - Gift Ideas


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