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Lovely Shots: Cyclephotos at Asper-Gavere

Been meaning to check out Balint’s Superprestige Asper-Gavere images from laatste weekend only to get to it today. When I scrolled down past his personal recap of the day, upon seeing the first images I uttered out loud, “Oh, wow.”

The first paragraph of his day at Asper-Gavere  reveals why:

Last year, the Asper-Gavere race was remarkable for me because it was one the best races for me, photos-wise. This year the weather and many more things made the day unforgettable.

The images are superb.

Lovely Shots: Cyclephotos at Asper-Gavere | Cycleboredom - Amy Dombroski


Lovely Shots: Cyclephotos at Asper-Gavere

Please visit Cyclephotos to see the rest of the set and read Balint’s recap. It’s well worth it.


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