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Making Some Changes

Obviously I’m changing things here visually, but I’ll be adding some new flavors to the Boredom mix. During my time at the Revolution, I picked up a new side of cycling that I really wasn’t focused on before-advocacy. Whether it’s promoting a car free/car light lifestyle, or writing about the lack of North-South connectors in Arlington, you’ll start seeing it alongside all the other nonsensical rambling I’m known for. Those of you that have followed me on the @RevCycles Twitter account may be accustomed to my non-denominational style postings. That was due to working in a retail shop where it’s bad business to piss off your customers/following. Here, if you deserve it, I’ll enjoy confronting you from the other side of the counter (by jumping over it)!

In the near future I have a few more changes and additions to the Boredom media conglomerate. Those will stay safely under my hat.


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