MIA for a Reason: Vläg – Vlog Beta: 0.9.1 – #NightDC

MIA for a Reason: Vläg

Alright, here’s the reason I’ve been MIA for the past week or so here on the site and on social media.

I’ve started a vlog.

I’ve started vlogging.

I’m becoming a vlogger.


Why in Merckx’s Name Would You Start a Vläg?!

Why vlogging? The true reason is I think I pursued the cycling selfie as far as it could go. I needed to break out of the rigid confines still photography forces upon us and unleash my visage and incredibly weird accent/dialect upon the world in the form of “moving selfies”.

This is a result of a project I started forming at the beginning of this year. I purchased a bunch of video gear, requested a bunch of product samples, got rejected for a bunch of BIG (necessary) products, all the while practicing shooting while riding a bunch of times. Turns out shooting while riding then morphing that footage into a usable movie is incredibly difficult. Or, it’s difficult for someone who has unreasonably high aesthetic expectations and quality considerations.

I began researching filmmaking, editing, camera settings, audio configurations—EVERYTHING. During this time Pa Boredom had been regaling me with tales of Casey Neistat. Coincidentally, almost every search I did for research involved him in some way.

So I started watching.

And watching…

And watching some more.

Long story short, I figured the next thing, the direction I needed to go to differentiate myself from the cacophony of awesome that I share the cycling interwebs with, was to put myself in front of the camera. Okay, not just my talking visage, but everything I see. I take so many shots during my rides that never reach Instagram because I’d end up clogging your feed 24/7. I feel as though capturing the essence of a ride or an area where I’m riding seems like it would work best in video form.

No, this won’t be daily because OMFG how boring would that be?!

Will this work?

Hells yeah, I’m going to make it work.

Minor Details and Learning Experiences

• I shot this footage nearly 2 weeks ago, but it’s taken me this long to figure everything out to get it to this point.
• While I’m able to “shoot from the hip” for stills, video takes so much more preparation. This is why the vlog format appeals to me—it’s much looser.
• I’ve shot numerous time-lapses (it’s what vloggers do, right?), but they all seem to cause encoding fails. Need to figure this out.
• Those who know of the original project, it’s still going to happen. I can do it at any time, or any season.
• Why is this called “BETA”? Because it still seems like it’s in a development phase. I have no idea how these things are going to look, but that’s the fun in creation, right?


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