Microdose: Le Combat de Dopage

There have been numerous moments in the past year where I’ve suffered from an overexposure of Le Dopage. The fatigue is understandable though, as the storyline has been injected into nearly every post/piece of cycling.

Yet, not long after wallowing in my yellow-induced malaise, just like a Hb spike just before a Grand Tour, my mood waxes positive. Why, you may ask? We’re in the midst of the greatest battle of pro cycling’s life. Our heroes are falling, the governing body wants nothing more than to line their pockets, and current racing results still aren’t smelling quite right.

Yet, despite this, there is a fight.

Kimmage v UCI

The UCI sues Paul Kimmage for defamation and how does the cycling public respond? With a mandate, of course.

VeloNews: Nearly $20,000 raised for Paul Kimmage’s defense against McQuaid, Verbruggen

USADA Evidence

Cycleboredom | Microdose: Le Combat de Dopage - Death Threats

Despite numerous death threats and hilarious legal hijinks, Travis Tygart and USADA continue unabated. The evidence collected during the investigation is to be transmitted to the UCI at the end of this month.

Interestingly enough, Johan Bruyneel is still set to appear in his arbitration hearing. If this goes through, Armstrong himself could be called to testify under oath. Expect an abANDY™/SchlechChute™ maneuver imminently.

Tygart recently spoke to L’Equipe regarding the case and his ordeal. For those not fluent in le Française, @TourDeJose has beautifully translated the entire interview.

New Faces and Roles

Twitter can be a daunting and tumultuous river to jump into, but never more so when standing precipitously on the bleeding edge of a public fight. However, both David Walsh (@DavidWalshST) and Paul Kimmage (@PaulKimmage) have both recently joined the 140 character cycling world. [Note: Kimmage secured his name in January of 2012, but only recently began updating.]

Strangely enough, David Millar found himself on the opposite side of the camera and microphone during the World Championships. He was a co-commentator for BBC Sport and also did some reporting asking Paddy some hard questions. Seeing that he’s still drawing a paycheck under the auspices of the UCI, I find this new direction admirable.

Try and count all the “tells” McQuaid is showing here as Millar grills him. Hilarious.


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