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Mt. Vernon Hurts (That Rough Edit Tho) – #TheRide (4/27/17)

Full disclosure: this is a shitshow. Wanted to test out running two action cams (GoPro Hero 5 & Yi4K) as a minimal vlogging setup. There were more minuses than pluses, but some of the footage was decent so I decided to see what I could get out of it. Unfortunately, the sound is total crap. I did my best to pull some of it out but there wasn’t much reason to spend a ton of time on it.

Originally shot on 4/27, so fitness-wise I’m doing way better than this now. Okay, marginally better. Regaining form after losing it completely is a long, ridiculous struggle. I need to stop losing it in the first place…

Music: Unbreakable Spirit – Andrew Applepie



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