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MWBASS: Embro ass, hot shots, and rich people ain’t happy.

Mad Alchemy as a cure-all

2 rides are enough to declare something as fact. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Flickr then you know that I’ve been doing nothing but bitching about my back. So for the past two rides I took MA’s advice on embro-ing the lower back during colder weather. All I have to say is that it’s sex on your back. And depending on who with we’re talking about, it was better than sex in some cases. I used Mellow since anything more would be a punishment for that soft, virginous skin just north of your crack. It was just enough burn to remind you that it was there. Plus when I was literally chilling while sipping my espresso outside, the fire above my butt kept me warm. Lovely. Mad Alchemy Embrocations ain’t no snake oil. Check ’em out!

Perk Up finally woke up?

Cycleboredom | Illy Shots
This doesn’t really constitute as news, but I was delighted with my espresso shots at Perk Up. Aesthetically speaking, espresso served in Illy demitasse cups tastes better. Ironic that the shots aren’t pulled from Illy grinds though. Then again, Illy tastes like ass most times anyway so that’s probably a good thing. Reason I’m writing on such an inane topic is that it’s the closest shop to the Mt. Vernon Trail that isn’t Starbucks, and that their pulls have varied each time I stop in. So I give them a break since I don’t have much of a choice by going into the whole operation with less than positive expectations. Maybe I should Yelp that for them?

Cycleboredom | Illy Shots Postmortem

Being rich must suck

I know I’m generalizing, and that I can’t possibly know everyone’s life stories at that given moment, but rich looking people on the trail generally have the most sour looking faces, ever. It baffles me that while walking/riding/running in such a beautiful environment, and living in ridiculously expensive neighborhoods that no one smiles. I’ll admit from time to time I’ll extract a small crack of a smile upon their dour visage but that’s few and far between. Is this true of rich people in general, or is it just a Northern Virginia/old money thing? It makes me enjoy being poor so much more if that’s what I have to look forward to. Anyway, enough on that silliness.

The rest of the shots

These really have nothing to do with the title of the post, but they happened. So here they are.

Cycleboredom | Yet Another Panda

Cycleboredom | New Position on the Roadie

Cycleboredom | Wooden Bridge on Mt. Vernon Trail

Cycleboredom | Up-Close Panda

Cycleboredom | Sewage Treatment Plant

Cycleboredom | Last Hill To Get Home


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