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MWBASS: Solo Suffering, Santa Saves, and Das Links.

Flagellation courtesy of The Sufferfest

Found the answer to getting my ass on the turbo/trainer. And considering that even last years snow couldn’t, I find that pretty amazing. After seeing a bunch of the Tweeps I follow on Twitter constantly chirping about how they just killed themselves on the trainer due to some “Suffer” video, I had to check it out for myself.

Without getting into a forthcoming review of the videos, these workouts are no joke. The Sufferfest is a collection of 5 videos enhanced by actual ASO/UCI certified race footage and an incredible soundtrack. They use on-screen instructions and sound-cues to keep you focused on the task at hand  because to often you find your head drooping from overexertion. The race footage gets you stoked by forcing you to close gaps, stay with Boonen in Paris-Roubaix, and outsprint Rebellin on the Mur de Huy in La Flèche Wallonne. If you have an active imagination, you will hurt yourself—guaranteed.

I’ve only ridden “The Downward Spiral” so far. I’ve also downloaded “Angels” as well to mix up the turbo sessions. They’re unbelievably cheap in comparison to the others out there ($10.99 for individual license), so if you’re looking for a way to add in more workouts between ridiculously cold rides like we’re having here in the Mid-Atlantic, you can’t go wrong with The Sufferfest.

Cycleboredom | Socks Real Big

Santa delivers a huge box of Gore to my door!

I received a huge delivery of some of Gore Bike Wear’s tastier items for review, just as I was about to get suited up for a frigid ride. Best of all, one of those items was their fantastic XENON SO Bibtights+. WINDSTOPPER® tech in the form of their oh-so-nice Xenon line of cycling attire equals nothing but win. I instantly pulled them on (squeezed in), and set off to get in some mileage. Initial thoughts are nothing but positives. I need to ride them a few more times to provide an informed review, but if you’re on the fence about winter bibtights, I say go for it. I’m sorry it took me this long to try them.

Rapha Shoe Covers

Cycleboredom | Rapha Shoe Covers

For my recent birthday I got myself a pair of Rapha’s Shoe Covers to cope with our ugly run of winter weather. My 10 year old pair of Pearl Izumi covers weren’t cutting it any longer. These things are HOT! That’s both hot in looks and hot in keeping your toes toasty. More rides, as well as general wading in the freezing backwaters and marshes of the Mt. Vernon trail are needed for proper testing and review.

Das Links

Tumblr Tear: Not as much as some, but definitely more than others, I’ve been on a posting tear with my Cycleboredom Tumblr! Including this shot of a baller Taylor Phinney.

Rapha Festive 500: I’m following a lot of Tweeps participating in Rapha’s genius event, “The Festive 500.” Are you riding?

Awesome Advocacy: Proud to have been part of an incredible year of Arlington, VA bike advocacy!

End is Nigh: Each story more damning than the last. Hoping we’ll see the end of the saga sometime this coming year—whatever the outcome.

Snow-Beast: Discovered a cheap way to turn your rig into a snow-beast.

The List: Thinking of cheating? Here’s the list of no-no’s you should be wary of. I’m sure there’s something out there not yet on the list…

The Lexicon: Ciclirati provided the new language of cycling for the upcoming year. Worth a read.

Shirts of Boredom: I launched some shirts. I also wrote about them. They are pretty, no?

DC Podcast: The latest District Cycling podcast is up! Check it out. Also, follow @DistrictCycling and encourage him to continue riding!

BULLITT!: For some reason I think this is going to happen sometime in the near future. I’ll try at least.


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