Neue Boredom

The Relentless Pursuit of Awesomenicity

Yes, things are neue. Take a look around. Notice the crispy oblique (italic, for the layperson) fontagraphy. The kids like the retro.

The main impetus behind this transformation was the desire to post more, yet not have to make each post a major production. I was desirous to return to ye olde blog style. No chopped excerpts, just hot, raw, free-range posts.

So, instead of rewriting the previous site’s WordPress Loop (if you know, you know), I found an adequate, pre-fab domicile. This new template’s got some PHP goodness on the backend, and it’s responsive. Meaning it adapts to the display it’s on—no need for those aesthetically horrid mobile sites. If you’re at your personal computer (commonly known as a PC), resize your browser for some responsive fun. Go on, try it.

I’m still tweaking things both visually and functionally. It’s still loading slowly on phones, so I have some work to do. I may, or may not care about that though.

So yeah, not so interesting.


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