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Great, more data to tell me I’m way off the back from last season when I was way off the back from my… Le sigh, me and training to do better than the year before seem to have developed a negative pattern in our relationship.

All jokes aside, these latest additions to TrainerRoad, the training app I’ve been using the past 4 years for #TheCXOff, look fantastic. I can already see the multitude of uses for all types of riders, but especially for average Boredoms like me. However, I’m always stressed, so I wonder how my Training Stress analysis will look. 😂

There’s a lot of info to be absorbed so I included the entire press release.

TrainerRoad Releases Ride Analysis Tools Called Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics by TrainerRoad combines indoor and outdoor ride data into a set of easy-to-use tools designed to make cyclists faster. Driven by the need for a simple, results-focused ride analysis solution, the tools offer robust functionality with an intuitive user interface.

“We think that cycling analytics today are overblown, overcomplicated, and bloated for 99.9% of riders out there,” says Nate Pearson, TrainerRoad CEO, “Our goal was to develop an easy-to-use set of tools that show you exactly what you need to become faster while leaving out the rest.”

TrainerRoad integrates with Strava and Garmin Connect through their Ride Sync feature to automatically bring riders’ cycling data into Performance Analytics. Riders can also manually import a .fit, .tcx, .gpx, .pwx, and .zip files into their training history.

Performance Analytics is comprised of five main features:

  • Training Stress Chart
  • Seasons
  • Personal Records Chart
  • SeasonMatch
  • Ride Analysis Page

With the addition of Performance Analytics, TrainerRoad’s membership pricing will remain the same at $12/month or $99/year. Learn more about Performance Analytics features here.

Training Stress Chart: Visualize Training Consistency and Quality

The Training Stress Chart shows riders the quality and consistency of their training, and how their work affects their fitness.“The number one way to get faster and the number one thing we see people struggle with is consistent quality in their training. The Training Stress Chart is designed to help combat that,” Pearson shares.

Key Features:

  • A grey trending line on the chart shows riders how consistent their training has been
  • TrainerRoad and outdoor ride data is shown in two different colors
  • Diamonds on the graph represent FTP changes
  • A tool to drill into each week of rides

Seasons: A New Way to Think About Personal Records

All-time personal records fall short in adding value to a rider’s training. By viewing PRs within Seasons — custom defined periods of training and racing — riders gain an accurate view of their progress.Pearson explains, “The problem is that current Personal Record charts were broken in my opinion. They always grouped things into years or the last 6-weeks; these were hardly meaningful in my training. That’s why we reimagined PRs and what a PR chart should be.”

Personal Records and Seasons Explained

  • Riders create custom Seasons to categorize their training history
  • Seasons are created and defined by each rider (ex: MTB 2018)
  • Riders earn new PRs as they progress through their current Season

How Riders Earn Personal Records

  • Up to 5 minutes, new PRs are earned every second
  • From 5 minutes to 30 minutes, new PRs are earned every 5 seconds
  • From 30 minutes to 2 hours, new PRs are earned every 30 seconds
  • From 2 hours beyond, new PRs are every 5 minutes

Personal Records Chart: Deeply Analyze Personal Records and Progress

From the Personal Records Chart, riders analyze their personal records and create custom Seasons to see how their fitness is progressing.

Key Features:

  • View personal records on a granular level
  • Analyze PRs in three dynamic views: Total (all PRs), Sprint (1-30s PRs), and Endurance (31s+ PRs)
  • Create and compare Seasons
  • View all instances a specific PR was achieved
  • SeasonMatch

SeasonMatch: An Apple-to-Apples View of PR Progress

Fitness is cyclical and a rider’s actual training and racing seasons often don’t line up.
SeasonMatch compensates for it all by comparing where a rider is at in their most current Season to the exact same point in a previous Season. Pearson explains, “There was no way to easily compare fitness at different points in a season until now.”

The Power of SeasonMatch

At every stage of their training, riders can use SeasonMatch to discover if they are faster. SeasonMatch recognizes the number of weeks that are in each Season a rider creates, then compares PRs achieved at the same point in different Seasons.

Ride Analysis Page: Drill into the Details of Every Ride

The Ride Analysis Page allows riders to drill into the details of their completed indoor and outdoor rides.

Key Features:

  • Analyze metrics (Power, HR, IF, Cadence, kj (Cal), & more) of every ride
  • Create and analyze custom intervals
  • See intervals of outside rides on a map — provided for all rides with GPS data
  • View time spent in each power zone

No Power Meter Required

Performance Analytics is for every rider. If a rider completes an outdoor ride without a power-measuring device, TrainerRoad has a Training Stress estimator tool that allows athletes to estimate their training stress based on the perceived difficulty of their ride.

About TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster through their proven, all-in-one training system. Riders of all disciplines and fitness levels use TrainerRoad to perform structured indoor workouts, follow science-backed training plans, and analyze their training with easy-to-use performance analysis tools.


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